Babadan Hotel

It has a calm beauty with its clear sea on the beach of Akyarları, located at the seafront in Akyarlar district of Bodrum. It has a location on the shores of the beautiful turquoise sea, which resembles an aquarium, with its sandy beach where you can enjoy the sea and the sun.

A different design is applied to each room with elaborate details and designs dominating Bodrum lines, reflecting on the hotel’s room decorations.

All of the rooms of Babadan have beautiful colors, when you leave your room, you can go to the beach instantly, go to the restaurant so that every place is very close to each other and planned with an orderly thought, you can enjoy the magnificent view against the Kos Island from the beach or the pier, witnessing the sunset.

“Hello to the night in Bodrum!” you might say. Babadan Hotel aims to offer a happy holiday to its guests with its complete service understanding and friendly staff. “I was very pleased with the hotel, especially the staff were very warm and caring, all our requests were met instantly. I am thinking of going again this season. It shows that it has achieved this with the comments it receives.

Contact: 05386971719
Web Address: Babadan Hotel
Address: Akyarlar Mah, Tarik Akan Sok, No:33 Bodrum / Muğla

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