Bodrum Greengrocer

During the pandemic period, we take responsibility for “Life Fits Home” and provide takeaway service to your home, workplace, private boats and yachts, restaurants and hotels.

You can be sure that we will show you the same sensitivity and choose products of the same quality as we take care to review and choose our own homes when shopping at the market in our personal life. Using high hygiene standards and nature-friendly recycled materials, we set out to bring you the highest quality and delicious distinguished ingredients of our region.

With the welcome from you, in the hope of coming together on healthy good days.

Contact: 05396156844
Order: 05396156844
Web Address: Bodrum Manav
Address: Konacık Mh. Atatürk Bulv. Podium İş Mrkz. No:198/a Bodrum/Muğla

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