Deli Ada Gurme

Deli Ada deli, a company that exhibits its 25 years of savings in Bodrum, is a company that has adopted the principle of taking people away from artificial foods and accustoming them to naturalness. This naturalness that surrounds you as soon as you walk through the door makes itself felt even in air conditioners, from the flowers in the place. Even these air conditioners, which do not put human health at risk and have an air purification system, are very important in terms of showing how thin the company thinks.

Deli products are indispensable products of our lives. But it’s just as open to abuse. That’s how the Mad Island deli makes a difference. As soon as you walk through the door, you notice that health and cleanliness are on the way. Because while the hygiene rules are paid maximum attention here, the effect of the food sold to the customer on their health is not considered. The production history of each product sold is very important. You can safely buy any product that enters for sale through the door of the Mad Island deli. Because rest assured, before you, that trust test was conducted.

Contact: 05550858648
Web Address: Deli Ada Gurme
Address: Müsgebi Mh. Cumhuriyet Cd. No: 102/3 Ortakent/Bodrum

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