Fardayso Restaurant

Rab God planted a garden in Fardayso in the East. A river is born from Fardayso, watering the garden and splitting into four arms there, the name of the third river is Tigris, the Lord God put Adam there to look at the fardaysoya, to process it.

Our restaurant, which is an ambassador of a culture that has been moved fromMezopotamia to the present day, will make you feel the warmth of Anatolian houses inside you. You can taste the holy wine of the Assyrians, which continues from the hanging gardens of Babylon, with the presentation of that period. You will not be able to taste our mahlep wine, which we produced from the grapes where the wine was first produced in the world.

Fardayso, which carries the most natural products from soil to table while preparing its menus, carries them to Bodrum by preserving the flavors that have become giant in the hands of Turkish women. As soon as you step into fardayso, which is a candidate to be the most precious menu of unforgettable moments, you will feel the magic of a fairytale climate.

Mardinin combines stone architecture with the white and blue of the basement, and the bird’s eye view has a magnificent ambience for watching the sunsets. In this fairytale climate, fardayso

Contact: 05427645050
Web Address: Fardayso Restaurant
Email: info@fardayso.com.tr
Address: Gökçebel Mah. İnönü Cad. No: 166/2 Bodrum / Muğla

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