Has Konyalı Gümbet

We are currently hosting our distinguished guests in Has Konyalı, where you will taste the healthiest and most delicious dishes of the Aegean. While you are choosing among the wonderful flavors in this menu, we are excited to offer you a pleasant environment.

The official inspections that we have come out with our foreheads in the back of our foreheads; The most important criterion for us is to serve you in a healthy and hygienic environment without defecting in service and to welcome you in the best way. We know that every day we send you off happy from our restaurants prepares us for a happy tomorrow. We have been every day for many years; We look forward to you with these thoughts and the same excitement. Thank you for honoring us as our guest. Enjoy your meal.

Contact: 02523197979
Web Address: Has Konyalı Gümbet
Email: info@haskonyaligumbet.com
Address: Turgut Reis Cd. Mindos Çarşı No:23/1-4 Bodrum / MUĞLA

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