Mİ Shop Bodrum

XIAOMI was founded in 2010 by the entrepreneur Lei Jun with the vision of “Innovation for All”. As Sena Group, we believe that high quality products produced with this latest technology should be accessible to everyone.

With our MI Store store, which we opened in February 2021, we mature this value and make more than 150 high-tech ecosystem products, as well as all the smartphones of the brand, more accessible to you than ever before.

We believe Xiaomi is an indication that high-quality technology will not cost a fortune. We bring the Xiaomi Brand one step closer to you, with the passion to help you create your dream home and make your home smart by bringing the high-quality ecosystem products of the period to your homes at affordable prices. Çevrilmiş Metni seslendir

With the smart structure of our new generation brand, we offer you time saving while increasing your life to the comfort level. While protecting your home and working environments with smart security products, we support you to reduce your workforce and create time for yourself with smart small home appliances, we bring you XIAOMI, which provides convenience in every aspect of your life with its portable products in many areas.

Contact: 02523195838
Web Address: Mİ Shop Bodrum
Email: info@mishopbodrum.com
Address: Konacık, Atatürk Blv. No:48/5, 48400 Bodrum / MUĞLA

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