Ortakent Lahmacuncusu

Ortakent Lahmacuncusu, located in Ortakent, Bodrum, comes to be the apple of the eye of lahmacun and pita lovers.

Famous for its warm sea, sand beach and tangerine gardens, Ortakent is also a popular living resort of Bodrum, located in the middle of the southern coast of the Bodrum peninsula. Ortakent Lahmacuncusu, located at the intersection of all roads in Ortakent, is a cute place opened jointly by Murat Usta and Ali Riza Dallar. Ortakent Lahmacuncusu will set the throne in your heart with its Black Sea pita varieties, dishes cooked in kiremitte, delicious soups and special desserts that will not make you forget its flavor.

The must-have of the lahmac is its crispness and thin dough. You can choose delicious, crispy lahmacun cooked in wood fire with quality dough and ingredients used by Ortakent Lahmacuncusu for lunch and dinner, or you can order it as a takeaway. It is also among the places to be preferred at all times with its friendly staff and comfortable venue.

The highlights of Ortakent Lahmacuncusu are the lahmacunu, which has a thin crispy dough and will stay on your palate with its delicious ingredients, the Black Sea pita varieties that will take you to the Black Sea with the magnificent meeting of butter, and the tahini dessert that the tahini will enthralle you when you finally sip your tea.

Contact: 05528556362
Reservation: 02523586222
Web Address: Ortakent Lahmacuncusu
Email: info@ortakentlahmacuncusu.com
Address: Müskebi Mah. Kemer Sk. No:20/e Muğla / Bodrum

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