Laram Yachting

Laram Yachting; A yacht with a length of 18m yachts, a width of 5.6 yachts, a depth of 1.8 yachts and a delphin 240hp engine. Bodrum – Gökova, Bodrum – Hisar Front, Bodrum – Marmaris, Bodrum – Greek Northern Islands, Bodrum – Greek South Islands are available from Bodrum Port.

Laram Yachting’s daily boat tour service is also available, while the routes where you can travel daily to the most beautiful bays of Bodrum are from Bodrum Port – Adaboğaz, Aquarium Bay, Rabbit Cape, Poyraz Bay, Orak Island

Rezervation: 0530 225 4590
Web Address: Laram Yachting
Address: Bodrum Yat Limanı

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